Am I dozy this morning or what!


I thought I’d have a quick play with Pibrella this morning (when I was supposed to be vacuuming) and it took me ages to get the software to recognise the Pibrella.  When I opened my Scratch file the screen said it recognised something by stating, “Remote sensor connections enabled”.  But it took me ages to get it sensing anything and I think what I did was open ‘Scratch GPIO 5dev’ then close it again and that seemed to help.  Eventually Scratch seemed to recognise everything including the ‘switch’: the Pibrella’s red button.  I’m using this switch in Dragon Jump –  so now finally I could get the code to work.  I shutdown Pi and came back later and this time I can get the red and yellow LEDs, on Pibrella, to light but not the green.  I’ve had this happen before.  When I drag the sensor value block onto the Scripts Area and open the pull down menu next to the word sliderit doesn’t say ‘switch’ at the bottom so it’s not sensing the switch.  Is this because I haven’t got enough power going to the Pibrella? 

Will let you know once I’ve worked it out.

Off to Otley Science Festival tomorrow so it’ll be a while before I crack this.

That’s the end of today’s babblings. Happy Raspberry Pi-ing!


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