Lazy Sunday Pibrella afternoon


Getting on well with Pibrella now after asking for help from Pimoroni Help Desk earlier in the week.  The Wishtrac ‘pre-loaded’ SD card has definitely made it easier to get started.  However, despite what it says in Wishtrac’s helpsheets, I still have to tell Scratch about Pibrella after putting a ‘Click green flag …’ block into Scratch.  I wonder if I’ve saved a Scratch program over something important that does this?  I tell Scratch I need to use Pibrella by making the variable Addon (upper or lower case doesn’t seem to matter) and then in it’s little box setting it to Pibrella as shown below.


You need to make sure, on the Sensing block ‘sensor value’, that when you open the menu (where it says ‘slider’) there is a long list of inputs/outputs and ‘switch’ is in there somewhere.

Sense block

So I get a little further along the Raspberry Pi road.

That’s all for today folks. Happy Raspberry Pi-ing!


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