Christmas goodies from Pimoroni


Received some great kit for Christmas from Pimoroni.  A camera which I haven’t looked at yet and the ‘Adventures in Raspberry Pi’ kit.  After downloading  Carrie Anne Philbin’s ‘Adventures in Raspberry Pi’ book to my e-reader, I’ve managed to make a little progress with understanding GPIO (General Purpose Input Output).  The 2 x 13 = 26 GPIO pins are the ones in the top left-hand corner of the photo.  First, in order to get the correct key (called a Raspberry Leaf Diagram) for the GPIO pins you need to find out which revision of the R Pi Model B you have.  I used Chapter 8 from the book and the instructions for the LXTerminal* to identify which revision of the R Pi Model B I had.

Open LXTerminal.  (The instructions get you to open the Python shell.  As you do this, you become a root or super user which means you aren’t a normal user anymore so be aware of that.)  Then just type in the instructions, given in the book, carefully, pressing Enter after each line and it returns a number value which in my case was 2 so my R Pi is Rev 2.

Important – Don’t actually know how important this is but hadn’t turned the page of Miss Philbin’s book where it states:

To close the Python Shell, type:


Well, I didn’t do that so I’d better get on my R Pi and see if it has done it automatically when I ‘Shutdown’ or if I still need to do it.

*LXTerminal - Use the icon on the Raspberry Pi GUI desktop to go into LXTerminal.

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