Picamera detects banana thief!

Got the Picamera working again to detect a banana thief.  I want to use it with the Pibrella and a motion sensor eventually so that I can detect the thief’s movement and sound a warning.


My picture of the screen isn’t too good. I needed someone else to be the banana thief really.


I used the same Python commands as previously.  I love the way you can get it to capture and save a still photo as a jpeg.  Unfortunately I can’t connect my Pi to the Internet yet so I cannot transfer the photos directly here but have to snap them with my phone.  I expect I could put the Pi SD card into the PC but whether it would locate the jpegs I’m not sure.  I haven’t got the Linux operating system anywhere except on my Pi.

Don’t forget to close down your camera properly at the end of your code.  In Python use:


That’s all for today folks. Happy Raspberry Pi-ing!


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