Raspberry Jam in Leeds. First one – October


Raspberry Jam organised monthly by Claire Garside

This first event was great! Claire bought a Raspberry Pi2, with extras, for each group and we got on with learning more. Next time we are going to try out the Sense HATs and maybe the new touch screen. I am particularly interested in screens as I want to find a portable one, that’s idiot proof, so I can take my model B set-up anywhere with me.  It’s the driver software, that you need to go with some screens, which I’m not sure about.

HAT – Hardware Attached on Top. See my post from 12/02/15 for the lowdown on HATs.

I know I  can’t use a HAT with my model B because it hasn’t got enough input-output pins but I’ve got so much to learn yet that I’ll stick with it, and my lovely little Pibrella, until I knowPibrella_lit_280315

a bit more.  Thanks to Swallow Hill Community College for having us.  It was great to meet other enthusiasts, particularly Katharine and Sophia, and I’m really looking forward to next month!

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