Raspberry Jam in Leeds – Second one – November

The wonderful Sense HAT!

If you want to know what a HAT is look here: HATs – No I’m not wearing one!

I’m just learning about the Astro Pi competition which finished in the summer.  The idea was to code Sense HATs and send two into space.  Last night we were looking at using the Sense HAT because on 15th December astronaut Tim Peake is taking two Raspberry Pis, with Sense HATs attached, to the International Space Station.  They’ll travel with him, using the coding of the winner’s projects, on the Principia Mission.  Two primary schools have won in their category and you can find out more about their projects here:

Astro Pi mission update 4

Here’s the Sense HAT which I was lucky enough to use last night.


Unfortunately my phone doesn’t reproduce the beautiful colours on the matrix of LED lights.

Here, Carrie Anne Philbin describes a project you could do, using the Sense HAT LED lights, to make a virtual pet.

Geek Gurl Diary Video

Anyway, a very good evening was had by all of us.

Happy Raspberry Pi ing!


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