Raspberry Jam in Leeds – Third one – December

This was another fascinating Raspberry Jam session. I wish I could have stayed for the whole event.


We got a chance to try out a Pi Zero, thanks to Ed who fixed up Claire’s Zero with his set of cables (micro HDMI and USB) and I tried out some very very basic Python, and some Minecraft, using it. It can do so much but has soo little size and weight!

I bet the rest of this session was just as good and I can’t wait for January’s.

BTW, the project I’m planning with Pi Zero is to make something wearable. I’ve asked for a LEDs sewing kit for Christmas so I’m hoping our granddaughter and I can work out how to make ‘light up’ gloves.  And somebody had the great idea, last night, that you could make shoulder pad ‘light up arrow’ cycle indicators that you could work from your fingers! What a brilliant practical idea to improve cycling safety.

Anyway I’m informed that my Zero cables (courtesy of Raspberrypi.org and shop.pimoroni.com ) have arrived in the post so I’ll get playing and come back here later.

Happy Raspberry Pi-ing!


One thought on “Raspberry Jam in Leeds – Third one – December

  1. Lovely post Anne, and we can’t wait until you can share your wearable project with us all! We had more chat about which projects could be possible after exploring PiZero and the touchscreen. We’ve got so many interests, skills and fascinations between us that we stopped in the end on though ‘we could do anything!’. Looking forward to 2016 🙂


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