Gemma and the Neopixels come to town! Gemma wearables starter pack – 1

I was the lucky recipient of an Adafruit Gemma Starter Pack on Christmas day!


Gemma Starter Pack with Gemma microcontroller & four neopixels

I couldn’t get the test working with out the assistance of Christine Tee’s blog  and my husband’s help, but I learnt an awful lot along the way.  I’ve now tested each neopixel, using the alligator clips, and they are all lighting up when attached to the Gemma and its batteries (in their little black box) correctly.

The third diagram down on this Adafruit page which was copied onto Christine Tee’s blog really helps.

Once I’ve got the little neopixels all wired up and working I’ll need to download and learn about the Arduino IDE* which you use to control and code Gemma and the neopixels.  Gemma and the Neopixels – what a great name for a girl band!  Alright, I agree it’s rubbish!

The tests worked better when the Gemma was connected to my PC via a USB, rather than the batteries, so maybe there isn’t really enough power in those batteries.

Useful tip: The JST† jack that clips the battery box to the Gemma is a devil to disconnect but there doesn’t seem any need to do so.  The Gemma seems to use the PC power without the, additional, attached battery box causing any problem.

Well, I’d better get back to more work as there seems to be a lot to do before I can start sewing.

Happy making and tinkering in 2016!


*IDE – Integrated Development Environment. Basically, I think it’s a specialised programming language for use with Arduino products. I get the impression that the one for the Gemma is slightly different than the main Arduino IDE but I’m not absolutely sure yet.
†JST – Japan Solderless Terminal is a standard type of fitting that is used to connect battery boxes to electronic items.



2 thoughts on “Gemma and the Neopixels come to town! Gemma wearables starter pack – 1

  1. Can’t wait to see what you make. I have some Neopixels and a Gemma 2. Sewing with the conductive wire isn’t difficult, but it is hard not to short the circuit with the ends. Maybe I’m not the most meticulous sewer.


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