Gemma wearables starter pack – 2

I had a little difficulty beginning coding the Gemma because after following Christine Tee’s instructions here: #4: Working on Gemma… part 1 I couldn’t see what I needed on the Arduino 1.6.4 code editor.  I work in Windows 7 by the way.

Now open the arduino – 1.6.4 folder to find the arduino coding application file.

(If your files are in ‘Details’ view, you need to choose the file called arduino with the turquoise symbol of a – + in a figure of 8 on its LHS and ‘application’ in the ‘Type’ column on the RHS.)


arduino code editor screen

When you have opened arduino, you then have to set some ‘Tools‘ items.

In ‘Tools‘ you need to choose the Board:

Adafruit Gemma 8MHz

and the programmer: USBtinyISP (I’m not sure why.)

Then in File -> Examples I didn’t have the option Adafruit NeoPixel so I couldn’t get any further. Groan!

Next day

But then Christine gave me the instructions to add NeoPixel to the Arduino library and she’s now put them in the blog post mentioned above. It’s complicated because I put Arduino 1.6.4 in the Libraries-> Documents -> Anne -> Code Club folder that I usually use for all my computing work.  However, Christine said I needed to put the Adafruit Neopixel folder in C:\Users\Anne\Documents\Arduino\libraries , where the program files, from any code I write, goes.

Here are her full instructions in case you need them too:

Christine Tee

“If you have the black Gemma, you should choose Adafruit Gemma 8MHz. Also if you don’t see the Adafruit Neopixel on your Arduino 1.6.4, do the following:

Make sure your Arduino IDE is not running.

  1. Go to and click Download ZIP. This should download the library file. 2. Unzip the file. 3. Rename the folder from “adafruit-arduino-1.6.4-windows” to “Adafruit_NeoPixel” 4. Go to C:\Users\(YOUR_USER)\Documents\Arduino\libraries 5. Move the whole Adafruit_Neopixel folder here. 6. Launch your Arduino IDE.


The instructions to install the libraries are similar to this: in case if you need a screenshot. I was running Arduino 1.6.6 because I was working on another Trinket. Thus configuration on mine and yours might be different. Thanks for pointing it out and I will including these instructions into this post later. Good luck!”

I’m going to get the Gemma, the NeoPixels and the alligator clips out right now to try my hand at programming Gemma.


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