Gemma wearables Starter Pack – 3

At last success, and with batteries too, rather than taking power from the computer, so I can soon start sewing!


One stumbling block was that I got an error:

avrdude: error: USBtiny_transmit 

It turns out that I needed to upload the code to the Gemma while its bootloader was working (i.e. the red light was still on).

avr doesn’t stand for anything apparently. It’s just a particular kind of chip used in the ATiny microcontroller from the Atmel Company.

avrdude  is a  command-line program for programming AVR chips. I assume that means it’s similar to the commands I put in the LX Terminal with my Raspberry Pi.

Well, happy making and tinkering in 2016 everyone!

What I wish I’d known about Raspberry Pi


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