Gemma wearables starter pack – 4

Well our sewing went brilliantly and here’s the result:

Charlotte LED scarf2

Charlotte with coded scarf showing one of its colours. We’ve got pink, her favourite colour, in there of course!

We are using the Adafruit Gemma microcontroller which has a black PCB*, with a Flora NeoPixel v2 LED.  The clear nail polish worked a treat in keeping the wires separate. Most glues have some conductivity so they’re just not suitable.  Ramesh of London says he’s given weird looks when he goes to buy nail polish but it really does the trick!

LED scarf works
Gemma and battery box on the reverse



Now I want to move on and, rather than just adapt an example program, I would like to write my own. The language looks a lot like Python so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Anyway it’s time for Leeds Raspberry Jam so I’d better stop playing and get moving!   (Next Leeds Raspberry Jam tickets here.)

Managed to do the same with a scarf for me at last night’s Leeds Raspberry Jam so we’ll have matching blinking scarves next year, in the pitch black, at Acomb Community Choir’s big carol sing.

Happy Raspberry Pi ing and tinkering!

*PCB – Printed circuit board

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