Geek Gran learns to solder

My first soldering project is a zoo badge from DF Robot bought from PiHut (Twitter @ThePiHut ) .

Solder Panda


I only managed to make one solder (my husband did four) but, as you can see, the badge’s LED works, hooray!  These badges are a really great idea because they cost around a couple of £ or about 4$ so, if you make a real hash of it, you are not frying your expensive components.  You can collect six different animals and our grandchildren are going to love them.  The most difficult part was soldering the badge clip on so, ideally, I’d like the kit to have that work done already.  However, it’s all good practice and if the clip falls off I suppose I’ll have to have a go at soldering it back on.

By the way I forgot to say: I learnt the most about soldering from this Geek Gurl Diaries episode from Carrie Anne Philbin.


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