Disaster struck! – disaster averted

This week at Code Club we managed to knock the micro SD card out of the R Pi while we were working.  When I tried the R Pi again it was completely dead except for the red ‘ON’ light!  We didn’t even get the reboot message up – in fact all we got was a blank screen.


Raspberry Pi 2 with Micro SD card from modmypi.com


I therefore had to reformat the card and load NOOBS again.  NOOBS stands for – New Out Of the Box Software.  (NOOBS has the Raspbian Operating System and all the other software e.g. Scratch, Python, Minecraft Pi as well as the capacity to reboot all this back.  You need to reboot if you corrupt your SD card, in a less spectacular way, e.g. by turning off before a proper shutdown.)

See my earlier post from November 11, 2014 What I wish I’d known about Raspberry Pi for more on shutting down properly.

Reformatting your micro SD card is fraught with danger.

Firstly, in order to put it in your PC you probably need an adapter as shown in the photo so that you can put the card into a slot for a standard-sized SD card.

Secondly, it is really important you know which drive your card is in. Mine was in E:/.  If you don’t check this carefully you could reformat, i.e. wipe, your hard disk!

This page: NOOBS set-up gives you all the instructions to format and reload your SD card.

Hope it helps if you have the same disaster!

Happy Raspberry Pi-ing!


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