Micro:bit with R Pi (1) – two steps forward …

I’d heard of this code editor called Mu Python which is a cut-down version of Python.


It sounded just what I need to code my shiny new BBC micro:bit with our Raspberry Pi 2.

I went to the Mu website and downloaded the Linux version.  Now, don’t waste your time doing this!  That’s because it is not the version of Linux Mu that you need for your particular processor (which is an ARM processor) so don’t spend precious time downloading that!

Anyway, I got the impression, after reading the Raspberry Pi forum post mentioned below, that I had already got Mu because I had just had to reload my OS and software last week.  (Read my previous post Disaster struck! – disaster averted . )

After many abortive attempts and deleting the file I’d downloaded from the web, I managed to install Mu by going into the LX Terminal. (You might need Menu > Accessories >Terminal to get there.)

and typing in:

sudo apt-get update (press return)

sudo apt-get install mu (press return)

and hey presto when I looked in ‘Programming’ there it was, Mu!

If you haven’t updated your software recently you may not have Mu there to install.  In which case, you need to go into GitHub and there are some posts that explain this in the Raspberry Pi forum here: Programming a BBC microbit …  There is a lot to read there but I found it worth the learning.

Anyway, hope this helps if you’re stuck like I was.

Happy Raspberry Pi ing!



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