An HDMIPi for Geek Gran

Am rather pleased about this!  For the first time in my life I’ve assembled something more complex than Lego City (5-12 years). The instructions at Cyntech assembly guide were excellent and I only got stuck when you had to attach the ribbon cable to the driver board.

You needed to insert the ribbon cable underneath the black tab. I thought it might go between the tab and the white plastic of the connector, but no, it went underneath.


I tested HDMIPi with a games console and it worked but can’t test it with the Raspberry Pi as I need another power supply. I thought my R Pi would work with the power from my USB hub but alas the R Pi seems to need something attached into its micro USB power socket to function.

Anyway, when I get to Leeds Raspberry Jam tomorrow night I’m sure someone will be able to lend me a power supply and then I’ll send for one straight away.

This little 22.5 cm (9″) screen is going to be so useful when I take the R Pi2 to Code Club . And when I finally get York Pibrary going, which will be one of Leeds Raspberry Jam’s little sisters, I’ll now have my large HDMI monitor available as a spare!


In use at Leeds Raspberry Jam :


Happy Raspberry Pi tinkering!



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