Getting Scratch2 for a Raspberry Pi3


Scratch2 is a great upgrade to the Scratch programming language, Scratch1.4, that comes with your Raspberry Pi. If you have an R Pi3 you can now get a Scratch2 offline version.

To upgrade your version of Raspbian, so you can use Scratch2 offline:

Open the LXTerminal (see What I wish I’d known about Raspberry Pi if you’re not sure what the LXTerminal is) and type:

sudo apt-get update

and press Enter.

Let this do everything until you get pi@raspberrypi:~ $ back.

Now type:

sudo apt-get upgrade

and press Enter.

Let this complete itself, as before, then type in:

sudo apt-get install scratch2

and when you look in the Programming menu Scratch 2 will be there!

Da, dah!


10 thoughts on “Getting Scratch2 for a Raspberry Pi3

    1. You are correct U.P.A., however ‘sudo apt-get upgrade’ makes fewer changes to the software items so in the case of Scratch2, it is possibly fine to use it. With some software additions there are other items that the new software depends on and then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade is important. When I find the R Pi forum post that explains the difference I’ll put the link here.


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