Minecraft is the favourite!

When we’re looking to get children into coding it seems that Minecraft is their favourite thing on the Raspberry Pi.  At York Raspberry Jam we have more children who want to use Minecraft Pi than anything else.  So I decided that I had to master Minecraft, myself, to get my young Raspberry Jammers into coding.  The trouble is that my skill in using Minecraft (rather than coding it) is a lot less than most five year olds’.


Minecraft House from: MagPi April 2018 Issue 68

Slowly I am getting there, despite some of my coded buildings and block animals seeming to levitate when I expected them to appear on solid ground!

The children can use EduBlocks (which I’ve recently installed and am just starting to use) or Python to do the coding. You can see the EduBlocks icon in the photo.


EduBlocks icon

One thing that is missing from Minecraft Pi is any animal life.  From: Adventures in Minecraft by Whale and O’Hanlon there’s a chapter (Adventure 7) which includes coding a horse.


Minecraft Horse from Adventures in Minecraft

Again it’s a learning curve for me, getting the horse to stand on solid ground.

I’ve noticed Jon Witts (@jonwitts) in one of his Minecraft python-coded builds uses:

mc.setBlocks with the AIR block-type

to create a space for his build – so I must investigate that next.

Well, I am getting more idea of the 3D co-ordinates used in Minecraft – because I managed to put a chimney on the top of the house despite it being a little wonky.


More investigation needed, I think!

Happy Raspberry Pi-ing!

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